1. Question: Can you watch a movie during the day?
  Answer: No. You may start previews at dusk, however you will not get a movie theater quality picture until it is dark.

  2. Question: Can you watch sports or concerts on the big screen?
   Answer: Yes! Our movie nights are perfect for boxing matches, baseball, basketball and football games.

   3. Question: Can you play any video game system on your big screen?
   Answer: Yes! Any video game console will work on the BIG screen. Playstation, Xbox and the Wii.

   4. Question. Do you deliver?
   Answer: Normally, no. We are conveniently located in Queen Creek, just minutes away from Gilbert with flexible pick up and return times.
Since you are able to watch as many movies as you like, you put up and take down the equipment at your leisure. We do deliver to our large
venues such as schools and churches for a nominal fee.

   5. Question: I'm worried that I won't be able to set up the equipment myself, is it hard?
   Answer: No. Our set up process takes minutes and all equipment is user friendly! Upon pick up we will show you how to work the equipment
and provide additional written instructions for easy reference.

   6. Question: I have a small car and that is an awful BIG screen, will everything fit in my car?
   Answer: Yes! An entire movie night fits into the back seat of any car!

   7. Question: What if it rains?
   Answer: If it is raining and you are unable to use your equipment, you are welcomed to re-schedule your party at a later date at no extra charge.